5 Things That Make Life Better

1. Surround yourself with other people. As individuals we all have a tendency to get too busy to spend quality time with others and often find ourselves alone in our room watching another episode of a show that we’ve seen a hundred times. Other people are the MOST important part to living a happy life. If you don’t have anybody to share life’s greatest moments with, then are you truly happy? Surround yourself with people who enjoy the same things you do, and even ones who enjoy different things. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the friends I have.

2. Sing loud, and I mean LOUD. Who cares if you can’t sing? If a song comes on the speaker that you like, sing it. Life’s littlest moments are also the greatest.

3. Find a hobby you love, and do it often. One of the best ways to release stress & get your mind off bothersome things is to immerse yourself into doing something you love. Try hiking, try swimming, try gardening. Everyone has something that will strike your passion, and don’t stop until you’ve found it.

4. Drink water. By drinking water, you are literally giving yourself more energy by staying hydrated. This helps everything from your skin to your attitude. The proper water intake per day is eight 8oz glasses of water. Thank me later.

5. Stay positive. A positive life starts with a positive outlook. If all you are doing is thinking awful thoughts, you are going to bury yourself in negativity. Your mental state effects everything, and is perhaps the thing you need to worry about the most.


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