An Honest Review of What Men Want

Recently I saw Adam Shankman’s new film, What Men Want, in theaters. I decided that I would write a small review on what I thought of the movie and encourage others to go see it. There will be a few spoilers in here, so continue on if you wish.

To begin, I want to talk about the brilliant casting of Taraji P. Henson to play the lead role of Ali Davis. She did an amazing job, and I truly believe that very few individuals could have played that role as easily as she did. Henson brought life and humor into the film, and no one in the audience could hold back their laughter at her on-screen persona of a strong-willed, extremely sassy woman.

Though the movie never stopped making me laugh, I do feel like it brought up some really good points as well. There was no denying how every woman who left the movie theater felt empowered after watching Ali show all of her male colleges who was boss. It showed how important it is to quit placing individuals into boxes and to realize the potential that every person has. Ali never let the negativity and backlash from her peers kill her vibe for a second. In fact, it motivated her to keep pushing forward, and fulfill the promises that she made.

The whole idea of seeing a man’s thoughts was one of the best concepts I have heard in a while. Surprisingly a lot of critics said that the movie played it to safe. Regardless of this, I believe the movie was light-hearted and hilarious and most definitely a must-see. I’ve already told a numerous amount of people to go watch it. 10/10, would recommend.


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