What is love?

While I was scrolling through some other bloggers latest post, I found that a number of them circled around Valentine’s Day and the idea of love. When I saw this, I decided to come up with my own definition of love and share it with you all.

What is love?

What is love you ask? Does anyone know the true answer to that? No, in fact, I believe that every single person has a different interpretation of what love really is.

Here is mine.

Love is caring, and longing, and passion. It’s hearing their name and unconsciously smiling. It’s the breath you take when you sink into their arms, and the happiness every time you hear their laugh.

Love is choosing their happiness before yours, even if it means sacrificing your own. Love is nothing and everything at the same time. It’s beautiful and magical because of all of its imperfections. There’s nothing easy about being in love, but love itself is so natural that it is scary.

It’s everything you’ve read about, but nothing anybody can fully put into words. It gives you life, and takes your breath away all at once. It’s definitely not perfect, but it feels pretty damn close.

There are many things you can love; men, women, friends and family. You can love food, movies, sports, and even activities. Love is not limited to one thing, but when you are filled with love, you can love everything at once.

Love breaks you, but it heals you too.

So no, no I can’t fully comprehend or explain it. It’s unexplainable, like Jesus. It’s crazy and unpredictable and uncomfortable. It’s the best and worst thing that will happen to you.

That’s what love is.


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